Amor y Lucha is:

Amor y Lucha Records is a d.i.y. inspired label run out of Washington, DC. Amor is the Spanish word for love, and Lucha is the Spanish word for struggle. So for all you English only speakers its “Love and Struggle Records.”

Things To Check Out:


Birds & Wires “s/t” EP
Debut 4 song 12″Ep from Birds & Wires. This Washington, DC-based four-piece outfit consists of former and current members of 1905, Aghast, Midvale, Redencion 9-11, Red Line Index and Lotus Fucker. Recorded by Hugh McElroy (Black Eyes, Horses, Equinox, Ruffian Records) at Inner Ear and Swim Two Birds. 4 songs at 45 RPM. Pressing of 1000 (300 trash, 700 black).

1. Construct
2. The Sun Also Rises
3. Crystal Caskets
4. The Sea and the Hills

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