Amor y Lucha is:

Amor y Lucha Records is a d.i.y. inspired label run out of Washington, DC. Amor is the Spanish word for love, and Lucha is the Spanish word for struggle. So for all you English only speakers its “Love and Struggle Records.”

Things To Check Out:

The Gift playing a surprise show in DC & The Fordists LP now on sale

By Dozer | September 24, 2011

Quick news on 2 AYL Bands…

Tonight (Saturday 9/24/11) The Gift will be playing a last minute show celebrating the Corpse Fortress with Ilsa, The Deads, and The Coits. Show starts at 8pm at 906 Philadelphia Ave in Silver Spring (right over the DC line).

The Fordists LP “Watch You” is now up for sale in the Amor y Lucha webstore. $10 plus shipping. Get one before they’re gone.

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The Fordists Hit the Road with copies of “Watch You”

By Dozer | July 8, 2011

The Fordists Tour Crew

The Fordists, Tour Crew, and Recording Engineer crammed into a photo booth

Today 4 out of the 5 people above will be getting in a van to head on tour. 3 of those people make up The Fordists, one of them is the road dawg, the other is the man who recorded their full length LP, Watch You, which they will have with them on tour. Here is where they will be going:

7/8 – Richmond @ Sprout w/ Palindrone and Fire Bison
7/9 – Greensboro @ Legitimate Business w/ TBA
7/10 – Atlanta @ 529 w/ Vegan Coke and TBA
7/11 – Gainesville @ Wayward Council w/ So Pastel and Bedwetter
7/12 – Pensacola @ Sluggos w/ Zerox ’82, Acorns, and Jpegasus
7/13 – Baton Rouge @ Perkins Road Parlor w/ Baby Boy and Adults
7/14 – Off
7/15 – Louisville @ Mag Bar w/ Straight A’s, Lee Van Clef, and Alcohol Party
7/16 – Muncie, IN @ Be Here Now w/ Giant Giant Robot and Wolfie Burns
7/17 – St. Louis @ Lemp w/ 2194, Lizards Have Personalities, Orion Pax, Egg Chef
7/18 – Lawrence @ Jackpot Music Hall w/ The Rackatees and Baby Boomers
7/19 – Omaha @ The Hole w/ Crucial Time (VT), Lockjaw, Wooden Coat
7/20 – Iowa City @ Public Space One w/ Faceplant, Blizzards At Sea, Bear Hugger
7/21 – Madison @ Evolution Arts Collective w/ TBA
7/22 – Milwaukee @ TBA w/ Centipedes and Absolutely
7/23 – Chicago @ Waterworks w/ Monument (DC), Coping, Erfert, Damp Hay
7/24 – Kalamazoo @ No Fun House w/ The Reptillian, Ackley Kid, Jambroni, Freaky J and The Bears (RVA)
7/25 – Columbus @ LOD w/ Punched Nuts and Apparition
7/26 – Pittsburgh @ TBA w/ Drug Lust and more TBA
7/27 – Philly @ JR’s w/ TBA
7/28 – Amherst @ Dad City w/ TBA
7/29 – Boston @ Democracy Center w/ Matahari and TBA
7/30 – New Brunswick @ The Alamo w/ Eternal Fuzz and Lost Weekend
7/31 – Baltimore @ TBA w/ Bad Biology, Shat Shorts, and more TBA

Go see them, buy an LP.

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The Gift Record Release Show @ Black Cat 6/29

By Dozer | June 19, 2011

The Gift

The Gift

Now that The Gift is back home safe from tour, they will be playing a show here in DC and they will have copies of their debut LP: Mostly in Sickness, which we here at Amor y Lucha put out.

The show is Wednesday June 29th, will cost you $8, doors open at 8:30pm, and Baltimore’s LADY PISS, and fellow locals SUNS OF GUNS will be opening.

For more info check out The Black Cat’s website.

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First Listen of The Fordists’ “Watch You” LP

By Dozer | June 15, 2011

You can now listen to The Fordists’ Watch You LP via The Washington City Paper if you follow this link.

LP will be available in July. Enjoy.

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The Gift Heading on Tour, The Fordists’ Watch You LP almost out…

By Dozer | June 3, 2011

Das Geschenk wird rippen Sie einen neuen

Das Geschenk wird rippen Sie einen neuen

It has been a busy month and a half here at AYL HQ. First off I’ve been on the road for work (not the label) for the better half of a month. Right before I left The Gift “Mostly in Sickness” LP came out, and you can buy it here.

In a few days The Gift will be hitting the road and heading to the Midwest, they will have their new LPs and some other treats as well. Here is where they are heading and with whom they are playing:

Thurs June 9 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Shady Acres with RVIVR and NAPALM DONUTS
Fri June 10 – Detroit, MI @ Donovan’s Pub with TARE and BUTT BABIES
Sun June 12 – Madison, WI @ 202 S Dickinson with ZEBRAS and PROBLEM CHILD
Mon June 13 – Minneapolis, MN @ Pearadox House
Tues June 14 – Iowa City, IA @ somewhere
Wed June 15 – Carbondale, IL @ Lost Cross with CATHOLICS & THE PILL and THE SHAKES
Thurs June 16 – Louisville, KY @ Chestnut St House with READING GROUP
Fri June 17 – Columbus, OH @ Villa Villekula
Sat June 18 – Fairfax, VA @ with LADYPISS

Go see them play, buy their LP, feed them, house them, show them where to swim, where to do karaoke, how to avoid tornadoes, etc.

The Gift are really good live, if you don’t believe me watch this.

Die Fordists: Drei Bärte dreimal den ehrfürchtigen

Die Fordists: Drei Bärte dreimal den ehrfürchtigen

Also I arrived home from work yesterday to find that the fine folks at Musicol had shipped the vinyl from The Fordists’ “Watch You” LP and they were sitting at my doorstep.  The artwork for the LP has just been approved and should be on its way to me from Imprint. in the next few weeks. The artwork looks good, here is a peek:

The Fordists "Watch You" LP Front Cover Art by Ben White

The initial pressing is 300 LPs: 100 Black, 100 Opaque Green, 100 Recycled Vinyl. They look like this:

The Fordists' "Watch You" LP in Black (top), Opaque Green (Middle), and Recycled Vinyl (Bottom)

Alright, more later. Later.


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The Gift, The Fordists, New Vinyls of Color…

By Dozer | May 15, 2011

By visiting the link to our store you can now buy the Gift’s new LP:

The Gift: Mostly In Sickness AYL011

The Gift: Mostly In Sickness AYL011

Mostly In Sickness is 8 brilliant, heavy, and dark tracks which are at times slow and plotting at others almost hyperactive and at others sweeping and serene. The first pressing of 300 LPs is now available in your Choice of 3 colors: gold, recycled (blue green marble), or black.

The Gift Vinyl of Color: Gold, Recycled (Blue-green Marble), and Black

The Gift Vinyl of Color: Gold, Recycled (Blue-Green Marble), and Black

You should be able to get a copy from them at one of there upcoming shows as well.

Also the test pressings for the upcoming Fordists LP are in, and the record sounds good. Think the bastard child of Frodus and Fugazi or an angrier Faraquet. I will be posting some more on that LP as we here at Amor y Lucha HQ have news.

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Birds and Wires Live in 2011

By Discoparlante | March 2, 2011

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Sending The Gift to You

By Dozer | January 5, 2011


The Gift kicks off its Tour this week.  With them they will be carrying 50 limited edition advanced copies of their debut LP “Mostly in Sickness”, which will become available for purchase in our webstore in a few weeks, and more widely available after that.   However you can download the digital album via the band’s website now.  Shortly we will have it up here on the label’s site as well.

Here is where you can check out The Gift on their tour this month:

Jan 6 Thurs – Washington, DC @ The Black Cat Backstage w/ HEY GIRL, CAT VET
Jan 9 Sun – Knoxville, TN @ Poison Lawn w/ NETWORKS, ARGENTIUM ASTRUM
Jan 10 Mon – Asheville, NC w/ DISPERSANTS
Jan 11 Tues – Atlanta, GA @ the Music Room
Jan 12 Wed – Birmingham, AL @ the Firehouse w/ SMALL BONES, BABY BOY
Jan 13 Thurs – New Orleans, LA @ the Mudlark w/ NO AGE, SMALL BONES, BABY BOY
Jan 14 Fri – Baton Rouge, LA @ Perkins Rd Parlor w/ SMALL BONES, BABY BOY
Jan 15 Sat – New Orleans, LA
Jan 16 Sun – Tallahassee, FL @ Farside Collective w/ BABY BOY, END TIMES, EX-BREATHERS
Jan 17 Mon – Gainesville, FL @ 911 w/ BABY BOY, DIET COKEHEADS, EX-BOOGEYMEN
Jan 18 Tues – Columbia, SC @ New Brooklyn Tavern w/ ZOROASTER, KYLESA, FIGHT AMP
Jan 19 Wed – Greensboro, NC @ 412 N. Cedar St
Jan 20 Thurs – Baltimore, MD @ Sonar w/ UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON, OAK, REGENTS …

Go see them, you won’t regret it.

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The Gift: Mostly In Sickness

By Dozer | December 9, 2010

Mikey T (drums), Beck Levy (vocals & guitar), Henry Mesias (bass & vocals)

This is The Gift.  They’ve recorded and mixed their LP and now they are waiting for the label to get the damn thing out.

The album is currently at the pressing plant.  Lacquers were cut yesterday, the plates are the next to be cut, then we’ll be getting the test pressings.  The artwork for the cover has been sent to the printer, and the insert is being finished as we speak.  We’re getting close people, get excited.  Mostly in Sickness is the title and here is a mockup of the cover:

The Gift: Mostly In Sickness AYL011

The Gift: Mostly In Sickness AYL011

Mostly In Sickness is 8 brilliant, heavy, and dark tracks which are at times slow and plotting  at others almost hyperactive and at others sweeping and serene.  In a few weeks we will have it up here on the site for you to listen to, then you will be able to buy a few limited copies (before it officially hits the streets) from the band when they are on tour in January 2011.

In the meantime, just stare at this.  Salivate.  Let the anticipation build.  You will not be disappointed.

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Amor y Lucha Is Giving You The Gift

By Dozer | October 4, 2010

(L-R) Mikey T, Henry, Beck

Amor y Lucha will be releasing the debut LP from Washington, DC’s The Gift.

We old folks here at Amor y Lucha have known the folks in The Gift since the dawning days of the deaDCity.   We’ve logged many hours in a van with Mikey T, shared a roof with Henry, and received sage advice from Beck.  We are psyched they’re making music together, and even more psyched to be putting it on a slab of vinyl, so you can enjoy it too.

Now you may know the three members of The Gift from their past endeavors…

Prior to forming The Gift, Beck sang, played guitar, and generally was one of the creative powerhouses behind Washington, DC’s Turboslut.   Henry, you may know from his days wielding a bass in Exosus.  On your last hitchhiking/train-hopping adventure you may have shared some Mad Dog with Mikey T, or you may simply seen him play drums in Anchors (which also featured Henry), Tradition Dies Here (AYL006), or on the U$A tour with Redencion 9-11(AYL003).

Whether or not you know of their past endeavors, you should get to know The Gift.  In fact they will be providing you an opportunity to do so a few times in the near future:

Friday October 8, 2010 in Philadelphia, PA at Germ Books with GODS & QUEENS and BIRTH NOISE.

Saturday October 9, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY at the Acheron with THE AINT RIGHTS, RED DAWN II, and GUTS FOR GARTERS.

Sunday October 10, 2010 TBA

Monday October 11, 2010 in Baltimore, MD at the Hexagon with THE

Friday November 5, 2010 in Washington, DC at St. Stephens Church 1525 Newton Ave, NW  as part of the GIRLS TO THE FRONT book event, more info here:

Tuesday November 9, 2010 in Washington, DC at the Hole In The Sky

The debut LP from The Gift will be available in early 2011.  In the meantime you can listen to their demo. Cassette copies of the demo will be available soon at our online store.

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